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Hardanger d'amore

Hardanger d'amore

Dan Trueman saw a 5-string hardangerfiddle I had made for Vidar Lande. He asked me to make something similar, but wanted a deeper sound and to tune it to A as standard (normal hardangerfiddles are mostly tuned one step higher than violin). I made a fiddle with a somewhat longer (38cm) and wider body and violin string length. He came to get it in 2010. He then took it to Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh. Caoimhín named it Hardanger d'amore and things kept on rolling!

Dan and Caoimhín

Pinchas Zukerman fell for the Hardanger d'amore

If you are a young violin maker or student and find the Hardanger d'amore interesting, go here!