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Old fiddles from other makers

I have made some copies of old fiddles. Part of that process has usually been to take some photographs. I'm not always a great photographer, but some of the pictures may be of interest.

Torleiv Frøysaa 1920

Around 1990 I made a copy of a Frøså-fiddle from 1934. At that time I did not take pictures and it was difficult to measure plate thicknesses. Here is a newer picture of another Frøyså-fiddle that is 14 years older. Torleiv Frøysaa had hardly altered the shape during those years, so it is very similar to the one I copied. (But this one has had a 5th sympathetic string added later.)

Torleiv Frøysaa 1920

Instead of taking pictures at that time, I traced the fiddle as good as I possible could. I give away the drawing to interested makers. It's in 1/1 scale and has the outer shape as well as the decoration. But as mentioned: no thicknesses. 2 fractions of the drawing is here. (My scanner do not take the large size.)

Drawing of Frøysaa-fiddle Drawing of Frøysaa-fiddle