Salve HÃ¥kedal, violin maker

Uferdig snekke


Fiddles as folkinstruments were in use in the Setesdal area since the 18th century. Hardangerfiddles with understrings came also early in use. The modern Hardanger fiddle gained influence around the middle of the 19th century. But not everybody preferred it. And maybe not everybody could afford such an instrument, either. An alternative could then be to make a neck with room for understrings in the pegbox and fit it on an existing violin body.

In 1988 Vidar Lande asked me to make a new fiddle with violin body, but with understrings, bridge and string-length like a Hardanger fiddle. It should be undecorated, and with violin scroll istead of a dragon. The result was a fiddle with Hardanger fiddle traits, plus a touch of regular violin, in feel and sound. This instrument appeared to be well suited for playing Setesdal tunes, and may perhaps be called "Setesdalsfele".