Salve Håkedal, violin maker

Hardanger fiddles

Lately I have been making my hardanger fiddles with Gunnar Røstad as model. But to make a hardanger fiddle without a personal approach is boring, so I carve a lions head instead of the common dragon (if the customer agree).

And I simplify the inlay somewhat.

Hardingfele, 2016 2    Hardingfele, lion

I prefer to use geared pegs.

I now make only my owns model, but here are some great fiddles that I have "copied":

Pictures of a fiddle Gunnar Røstad made in 1925 and numbered 111. Gunnar M. Røstad, seddel

I also have some pictures and information on an Erik Jonsen Helland-fiddle that I "copied" for Vidar Lande. Kjempa

In 1989 I made a "copy" of a Torleiv Frøysaa hardanger fiddle from 1934, and made a construction drawing/plan that is available by writing to me.
Here are two scans of part of the drawing:

I'm sorry I do not have more images of this hardangerfiddle.

Frøysaa-fele 1936, foto: Vidar Lande

Pictures of an Olav G. Helland fiddle. I "copied" it for Tor Hoslemo.
He won the National competition of Norwegian Folk Music (Landskappleiken) 2009 with it.

A 5 stringed hardanger fiddle of my own model:

5 stringed hardanger fiddle 5 stringed hardanger fiddle

Please note that this is not the same as a 5+5/Hardanger d'amore!